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Website Traffic Reports: Visitors, Referrers, Hits, and More!

Get detailed web traffic reports on your website and it's visitors

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Website Traffic Reports:

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Website Traffic Reports

Daily Traffic Report
View the number of hits(page views), visits and unique visitors that your website has received over 24 hours. [sample]

Weekly Traffic Report
View the number of hits(page views), visits and unique visitors that your site has received over the week. [sample]

Monthly Traffic Report
View the number of of hits(page views), visits and unique visitors that your site has received over the month. [sample]

Website Visitors Reports

Latest Visitors Report
List of 30 most recent visitors for specific period of time. This includes the following statistics: IP addresses, countries, browser settings, and exact times of visits. [sample]

Returning Visitors Report
See how many visitors have returned to view your web site a second time. [sample]

Domains Report
The domain names of the host computers that connect your web users to the internet. Host domains are typically Internet Service Providers or large corporations.

This section provides a breakdown by types of top-level domains (commercial, organizational, educational, etc.). This information can only be displayed if reverse DNS lookups have been performed, and the percentages refer to the total of hits for which the domain type can be determined (some IP addresses cannot be resolved to a domain, and therefore an domain type cannot be determined). [sample]

Languages Report
This report tells you about your visitors' Windows language settings. By default, Windows is installed in English; however it can be installed with different language settings. If language appears as "Unknown" it may be because some site visitors use non-Windows platforms such as Mac or Linux - hence the language cannot be tracked. [sample]

Time zone Report
The users' time zones. This measure is useful, for example, for comparing web activity from the west coast and east coast of the U.S. [sample]

Countries Report
This report tells you which countries your visitors' Internet Service Providers are located in. The report picks up their IP address and than checks at the database with which country this IP address is associated. However, some ISPs register their domain in one country and operate in another country which might lead to incorrect country report. [sample]

Website Visitor Information

Browsers Report
See the most common browser types and versions that are being used to view your website. Browsers are listed here by product name only (i.e. Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator). This report is useful in seeing what browsers you need to support and test with while developing your site. To get a detailed list of browsers by version number, see the Browser Versions report. [sample]

Browser Versions Report
This display lists all the specific browser versions visitors use when accessing your website. Browsers are listed here by product name and version number (i.e. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5, or Netscape Navigator 6.0). This report is useful in seeing what browser versions you need to support and test with while developing your website. To get a list of browsers by product name only, see the Browser report. [sample]

Operating Systems Report
This report identifies the various operating systems used by visitors to your site. This report is useful in seeing what operating systems you need to support and test with, since pages do not render consistently on different operating systems unless you program them to do so. [sample]

Screen Resolutions Report
This report tells you which screen sizes your visitors use (the width and height in pixels of the their computer display screens). You can use this information to decide if your web design corresponds well with the screen sizes of your visitors. If it does not, you may consider revising your site design to match your visitors' screen sizes. [sample]

Color Palettes Report
This report tells you which color depths your website users have. Palettes are sometimes described by a number of bits in the number of supported colors. For example, an eight-bit palette would support 256 colors (2 to the 8th). The color depth ability of your visitors has a big impact on what they see when they visit your website, since the site can look completely different and sometimes unintelligible under different palettes. [sample]

Script Versions Report
This report lists the Javascript versions your visitors have. This report is useful in seeing what versions need to be supported by your web site. This is important since web sites can function differently or not at all under different script versions. [sample]

Java Support Report
Check the number of visitors to your site using browsers that support Java technology. Before implementing a Java applet, you should be sure that your visitors can support it or you should write separate pages for Java and non-Java browsers. [sample]

Cookie Support Report
View the percentage of visitors to your website using a browser that supports cookie technology and has cookies enabled. A cookie is a small file that is stored on the user's computer to enhance the web experience and help track web activity. [sample]

Navigation on Site

Top Pages Report
View the pages of your website that have the most page views in the given time period. We register a page view whenever any page is read that contains the SiteTrafficStats HTML code. We are unable to track pages that do not contain this code. [sample]

Top Entry Pages Report
View a list of which pages visitors are going to when first entering your site. Entry pages usually indicate bookmarked pages, links in referring sites and pages which are highly ranked in search engines for your specific keywords. [sample]

Top Exit Pages Report
View which pages visitors are departing from when they exit your website. Exit pages usually indicate the least interesting content in a site or pages with poor design and lay-out.. [sample]

Time Spent on Site Report
Find out how much time most users spend viewing and navigating your site. [sample]

Page Views Report
Find out how many pages most users view while visiting your website [sample]

Website Referrers Reports

Referring Websites Report
See what sites are linked to you and how much traffic they are sending your way. Referring domains can be search engines, bookmarks, other sites with links to your site, and many other possibilities. The item 'Bookmark or direct' means that a visitor either directly typed your site in the address field of the browser, or clicked on a bookmark (such as a 'favorite' item) to get to your site. [sample]

Referring Pages Report
See what specific pages of other websites are sending traffic your way. [sample]

Referring Search Engines Report
Find out which search engines are sending visitors to your site. A search engine referral occurs when a user clicks a link to your site. [sample]

Search Keywords Report
See which keywords and keyword combinations people are entering in search engines to find your site. When you are redesigning your site or developing new content, you will know to give plenty of emphasis to these keywords. Likewise, if you decide to advertise on a search engine, you will be able to associate your ads with the most ideal keywords. [sample]

Keywords by Search Engine Report
Find out which search engines your site is listed on, and what keywords are sending visitors to your site. If your site is highly ranked on one search engine for certain keywords, but poorly ranked on another for the same keywords, you will know where to focus your efforts for added traffic. [sample]

Top Features
Website Traffic Statistics
Analyze hourly, weekly and monthly traffic reports: track hits, visits and unique visitors your web site get at specific period of time. Advanced statistics analysis and web site traffic tracking software with user friendly graphs and calendar view available.

Search Engines Reports
Find out which search engines bring traffic to your website, track referring sites and pages, analyze what keywords are sending visitors to your web site!

Website Visitor Information
Learn our web traffic report about your site's visitors: see what countries your visitors are coming from, their language and timezone info and what are their ISPs.

Website Visitor Behavior
Find out about your recent visitors, check how long they stay at your web site, learn about your visitors' paths, pages per visit, duration per visit, most visited pages, entry and exit pages, as well as number of repeated visitors!

Visitor Settings' Statistics
Get detailed statistics on your site visitors' screen resolution settings, browser version, color settings, Java support and operating system!

Website Referrers Reports
See what sites are linked to you and how much traffic they are sending your way!

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