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Top Features
Website Traffic Statistics
Analyze hourly, weekly and monthly traffic reports: track hits, visits and unique visitors your web site get at specific period of time. Advanced statistics analysis and web site traffic tracking software with user friendly graphs and calendar view available.

Search Engines Reports
Find out which search engines bring traffic to your website, track referring sites and pages, analyze what keywords are sending visitors to your web site!

Website Visitor Information
Learn our web traffic report about your site's visitors: see what countries your visitors are coming from, their language and timezone info and what are their ISPs.

Website Visitor Behavior
Find out about your recent visitors, check how long they stay at your web site, learn about your visitors' paths, pages per visit, duration per visit, most visited pages, entry and exit pages, as well as number of repeated visitors!

Visitor Settings' Statistics
Get detailed statistics on your site visitors' screen resolution settings, browser version, color settings, Java support and operating system!

Website Referrers Reports
See what sites are linked to you and how much traffic they are sending your way!

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