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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do to get my website statistics tracked?

First of all you need to sign up at SiteTrafficStats by submitting the online form.

Upon completion you'll get an e-mail notification about your successful subscription containing your system login and password. Then you need to log in to your account at, click at "View Script" link and copy your piece of HTML code to be pasted onto your website.

Where do I insert my SiteTrafficStats HTML code?

You simply paste your HTML code according to the following guidelines:

  1. Open Notepad (avoid WYSIWIG editors like MS FrontPage or MS Word that make changes to your HTML without you knowing it)
  2. Select File > Open.
  3. Select File of Type: All Files
  4. Open your web page (a .htm of .html file).
  5. Paste lines of code just above the </Body> tag. It is usually found at the second last line of the HTML source of the page.
  6. Make sure that the lines of code remain as they are and are not broken. If they are changed, the script may cause a JavaScript Error, when you open the page in a browser.
  7. Save the document as htm/html file (Not txt file).

The code tags should be pasted into every page of your site that you want to track information on.

I have successfully signed up but my statistics result to be empty. What is wrong?

There might be two possible reasons for that. You may have forgotten to insert your HTML code onto your website or failed to do it properly. To fix it, please, follow the instructions given above. Another possible explanation why you statistics haven't recorded any visit yet is that no one have visited your pages since you inserted SiteTrafficStats HTML code. You can visit your page yourself to initiate the stats tracking.

How can I track more than one page?

SiteTrafficStats is developed to track multiple pages. You are never limited with the amount of your website pages you need tracked.

Just do not forget to paste your HTML code into every single web page you want to track the statistics on (find the relevant explanation above).

Can I track more than one site with my SiteTrafficStats account?

If you want to track several different sites with different base URLs, you will need to set up a separate SiteTrafficStats account for each unique base URL that you will use.

How to activate SiteTrafficStats service on a Framed Page?

A framed page is basically a main page (e.g. main.htm) made up of two or more different pages (e. g. frame1.htm and frame2.htm). You can add the code in the html of any of these frame1.htm or frame2.htm page according to the above described procedure.

Why do my country reports happen to be inaccurate sometimes?

We resolve the country of the visitor by an IP address and not a Domain Name (because if you resolve the country by Domain Name, you could not tell from which country comes visitor whose domain is .net, com, or .org). However, some Internet Service Providers register their domain in one country and operate in another country; this might lead to incorrect country report.

What is the difference between a "Visit" and a "Visitor"?

A Visitor is an actual person visiting your site. Visitor are divided into New and Returning giving you useful information about how many of your visitors are new, how many of them return to your website and how often.

A Visit then, is a count of actual Visits made to your website. For example, if a certain Visitor comes to your site 3 times during the day, your statistics records 1 new Visitor and 3 new Visits. The number of Returning Visitors also goes up by 2.

However, if that Visitor returns to your website within one hour time, your overall amount of Visits will grow only once.

What is a "Hit"?

A Hit is equal to a page view; hence to the count of how many times pages of your website were viewed by your visitirs. Visitors coming to your site usually view more than one page, so this is useful information to know the average number of pages your visitors may be exploring.

This FAQ section does not answer the question I have. How do I get more help?

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to e-mail us ( or fill out our online Support form. SiteTrafficStats will provide you with a sufficient answer shortly.

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